Simpson Door Company

Pivot Door System

Choose Virtually Any Door for Your Exterior or Interior Pivot System

Unmatched Visual Impact

  • Make a statement with a Monster XL-size door for the entry or special space in the home.
  • Select from sizes 3’6” to 5’0” in width and heights up to 10’0”. All exterior pivot doors are 2-1/4” thick and interior pivot doors can be 1-3/4” or 2-1/4”.
  • Door rotates around a pivot hinge as an inswing door unit.
  • Can be combined with virtually any door design for architectural consistency in your home.

Performance & Security

  • Multipoint locking system assures door stays straight and secure. Multipoint enacts with a key or thumb turn.
  • Unique party (roller) latch system keeps door closed without handle operation. You can use door pulls on each side for a clean and contemporary look.
  • Sealing system ensures energy efficiency for exterior doors:
    • Weatherstrip on each side of door
    • Top of door sealed with double brush system
    • Bottom of door sealed with brush system
  • Your choice of low-profile sill:
    • ADA aluminum sill in mill or bronze finish with UltraBlock® substrate
    • Wood sills offered in sapele mahogany and red oak
    • No sill option for interior doors

No Hassle Installation

  • Install in a new or existing opening, supported by how-to installation guide.
  • All hinge and locking mechanisms are located within the door itself. Threshold and header plates are installed in the frame. Nothing to be placed into the subfloor or header. Please note: subfloor must be flat and level to ensure the door will operate correctly.
  • Low-profile hinge plate to be installed in floor for interior applications.
  • Final speed and latching adjustments done easily after door is operational with included installation toolkit.

Say Hello to Ready to Go.

  • Monster XL-size pivot doors easily open and close with the touch of a finger.
  • Adjustments included for door operating speed, soft close/latch and safety/damper capabilities.
  • Operation can be customized to the homeowner.