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Six Steps to Your
Perfect Simpson Door

Life is about choices. Sometimes you have an exact idea of the type of door you’re looking for, while other times you know what door is right “when you see it.” Simpson has many options to make finding the right door simple and carefree.

Since you can get a Simpson door in any wood, any glass or any style, the possibilities are endless. That's why we've broken down the process into six easy steps. In doing so, we can help keep your decision making focused and your possibilities infinite. Just imagine what you can create.


Choose A Design

Here's where it all begins. Complement your home with popular styles like Arts & Crafts, Colonial or Contemporary; or browse our extensive collections like Nantucket®, Mastermark® or Artist.


Choose your size

Our doors come in all shapes and sizes. No matter what you have in mind, Simpson can make your wood door come to life. Select your size up to 12 feet tall, 6 feet wide and 2-1/4" thick.


Choose A wood species

Simpson offers a broad range of wood species, each with its own distinctive character. Choose from traditional to exotic, each meeting our strict grading standards.


Choose your glass

Whether you are concerned about privacy or just want to add a contemporary touch to your door design, we can deliver the perfect piece of glass that reflects your vision.


Choose An upgrade

Sometimes an exterior door needs additional protection from the demanding elements of Mother Nature. Our Performance Series® is a selection of heavy-duty upgrades. Or choose the Nantucket Collection, an all wood door engineered for the toughest exposures.


Choose A dealer

Simpson Authorized Dealers will provide you with the additional information you need for your dream door. To find one near you, simply visit our website and enter your zip/postal code.

Find your door