In today’s housing market, with low inventory and quick sales over asking price, sellers may think they can turn a big profit without having to put any effort into updating their home’s exterior. But many thought leaders in the home buying and selling arena say that’s not the case. “First impressions matter, even in today’s red-hot real-estate market,” reports The Wall Street Journal in its recent feature: “Knock, Knock: Your Front Door Holds the Key to Boosting Curb Appeal.” 

The article quotes Compass Real Estate broker Robin Kencel, who recommends sellers consider the experience from when a buyer parks their car until they reach the front door: “I’m a believer, as Barbara Corcoran says, that in the first eight seconds, you know if you’re going to buy a house.” 

To capitalize on those precious eight seconds, consider installing a custom wood front door. As the experts suggest, designing a grand entrance may be the key to boosting your home’s curb appeal and attracting high-end buyers.

Here are four quintessential wood door styles that are sure to help you close the deal.

  1. Natural wood front doors. A simple, elegant natural wood grain door enables sellers to complement the existing architectural style of their home, while adding the sought-after richness and beauty of wood. For example, woods such as knotty alder support a casual, rustic look, while Douglas fir and Western Hemlock offer a timeless appeal. Similarly, exotic offerings like sapele mahogany have distinctive grain patterns that deliver a striking visual impact. With advanced manufacturing techniques, proper protection and periodic maintenance, today’s exterior wood doors will uphold their beauty in any climate and weather condition.   Glass and wood front doors                                                                                 
  2. XL doors. To enhance your property’s curb appeal in a big way, consider installing an oversized wood door at the front of your home. As potential homebuyers take in the sheer size of a handcrafted wood door in those critical eight seconds, it’ll be hard not to be wowed. Oversized wood front door at entrance of home

While extra-large doors were once deemed near impossible to bring to life, top door manufacturers have fully embraced the challenge, rendering configurations that reach previously unimagined heights. In fact, Simpson Door Company, the leader in wood door customization, offers extra-large doors that can span up to 10 feet wide and 12 feet tall. For a twist on the “XL” look, consider installing a pivoting natural wood front door instead of traditional hinges.

  1. Dutch doors. The ideal balance of privacy and visual connectivity, a charming Dutch door is typically thought of as a transition at the back of a home. However, it is becoming increasingly popular as a front door solution. “The front door reflects an owner’s personality,” according to Cara Fox, another prominent home designer interviewed within The Wall Street Journal feature. “A solid wood door exudes formality and privacy, while a Dutch door, with its windowed top that opens separately is more casual and inviting.” Entryways with wood dutch doors

The embodiment of classic Americana, Dutch doors have experienced an incredible revival—and people are taking notice. In fact, Dutch doors are now kept in stock at many Simpson warehouses around the country because of customer’s unquenchable thirst for this Instagram-friendly design trend.

  1. Modern farmhouse-inspired doors. Characterized by its neutral color scheme and natural materials and textures, the modern farmhouse style combines the clean lines of contemporary design with the cozy farmhouse aesthetic to evoke feelings of warmth and comfort. An increasingly popular look with homebuyers, Simpson offers several key door styles that make it easier than ever to extend the modern farmhouse trend from the inside of your home to its exterior.White modern farmhouse doors with glass

Depending on personal preference, sellers can customize a front door with a variety of glass lite types to bring their Joanna Gaines-inspired entryway to completion. Simpson offers a range of options, from a full lite door in which the glass extends from top to bottom, to quarter lite doors, in which the pane is limited to the top one-fourth of the door. Explore Simpson’s online Glass Taste Test tool to visualize how different glass types will look in a particular front door, and the degree of privacy the glass provides. 

Looking for a door that’s sure to bait homebuyers—hook, line and sinker? Any Simpson door can be wholly customized by size, shape, wood species or glass type to accommodate your vision and boost your home’s curb appeal. Purchase a truly one-of-a-kind door today at