Simpson Door Company

How They're Made

No one makes a wood door like Simpson. From standard construction methods to doors engineered specifically for tough exposures, learn what makes these doors better.

Solid Wood Door Construction

Simpson crafts a single piece of raw lumber into a welcoming work of art.

Two-piece Laminated Stiles and Rails

Two-piece laminated stiles are Simpson's preferred method when making solid wood components. Combining two pieces of lumber results in a straighter and more stable stile, while retaining the same characteristics you are looking for from a solid component.

1/16 Veneer

Two-Piece Laminated
Stiles and Rails

Solid Rails

Select pieces of raw lumber are used for solid rail materials. These solid wood pieces are machined to the desired size, and then profiles are added to prepare the rail module for assembly. By utilizing one solid piece of material for these shorter components, both sides of the door generally possess symmetrical grain patterns.

1/16 Veneer

Solid Rails

Innerbond® Double Hip-Raised Panels for Exterior Doors

Simpson Innerbond panels are manufactured utilizing two panel blanks with offsetting grain patterns. When laminated together, the offsetting grain patterns provide extra strength to resist warping and splitting. Innerbond panels carry a lifetime warranty against splitting through and are available in 1-7/16" and 1-1/4" thicknesses. And are the perfect solution for exterior doors.

1/16 Veneer

Innerbond® Panel

Flat Panels for Exterior Doors

Simpson flat panels for exterior doors are engineered with extreme weather in mind. Wood veneers are laminated to a Medex substrate, resulting in a split-proof panel that will stay straight and will not shrink or swell. Exterior flat panels are 3/4" thick as a standard.

3/4 Flat Panel

3/4" Flat Panel

Solid Double Hip-Raised Panels for Interior Doors

Solid wood panels are available in order to obtain a raised or decorative panel look in an interior door. Solid construction panels are a beautiful solution to the demand for raised, decorative, door inserts.

1/16 Veneer

Solid Panel

Flat Panels for Interior Doors

Simpson flat panels for interior doors are a combination of beauty and performance. Wood veneers are laminated to an MDF substrate and the panels are 3/8" thick as a standard. These panels offer worry-free performance and will not rattle or have the "tin" sound heard when knocking on the panels of thinner, inferior panels.

3/4 Flat Panel

3/8" Flat Panel