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Make an Impression with a Simpson Entry Door

An entry door gives visitors the first impression of a home, granting passer-byers a small glimpse of a homeowner’s personality and style. The front door is everything. It is the first thing a visitor touches when they arrive and the first thing a homeowner interacts with when they come home. Trying to determine which entry door is right for your project? Let us help.

Below, we’ve highlighted a few trends we’re seeing recently.

  • Exterior Dutch Doors - Open up your entryway with a Dutch door design. These half-door styles have seen increased popularity over the last few years due to their charming design, and corralling functionality. With a Dutch door for an entryway, homeowners are able to open the top half to allow sunshine and fresh air flow freely, without letting pets or young children out. To see a Simpson Dutch door in action, head to our recent project featuring design expert and Instagram influencer, Allison Aars.
  • Barn Doors - Another trend for entry doors is the use of barn doors for a modern meets farmhouse feel. The timeless look of a barn door helps to create a clean, simple, and modern aesthetic, while combining traditional design elements. Barn doors from Simpson can be used for both interior and exterior applications, and are able to be customized to individual style preferences. Available in nearly any wood species, Simpson also offers a “weathered” option that helps the door appear like it was taken off an old barn.
  • The Natural Look of Wood - While painting an entry door is a great way to add a pop of color, we’re seeing an increasing trend towards using clear or light stains on different wood types. An example is a door series like Simpson’s Artist Collection®. It embodies a simple, yet contemporary design that focuses on the beauty of the wood itself, and are becoming an increasingly popular choice for entry doors.

Looking for more inspiration for your entry door? Head to our gallery to see what Simpson customers have selected for their entry spaces. Or check out our Design Tools to personalize the perfect entry door for your space.