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Window + Door

Simpson Featured in Window + Door

Pivot Doors pair a sought-after contemporary look with incredible functionality and are having a moment! Just pick up the July/August issue of Window + Door and flip to its cover story. Simpson Door Company’s very own marketing and product development manager, Brad Loveless, offers readers his expert insight, speaking to the unique design, manufacturing and hardware considerations for pivot doors.

If this on-trend door is something that you can get behind, Simpson has you covered. We designed a Pivot Door System™ that comes complete with weatherstripping on each side plus an integrated brush seal at both the bottom and top of the door. The multipoint locking system plus oversized door pulls combines both style and utility. The door’s functionality is fully incorporated into the included door, jamb and sill with no special sub-floor or job site prep needed, making it easy for home builders to purchase and install a truly one-of-a-kind door.