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Known for mixing modern and traditional design schemes, Erin Conway, founder of popular blog Kismet House, believes coming home to a well-decorated interior can instantly brighten one’s day. Through her vast blog and social media following, influencer Erin shows homeowners how they can use simple techniques to enhance their everyday spaces.

One of Erin’s recent renovations centered on updating her 70s kitchen with a more modern flair.

During the project, Erin was determined to honor her home’s modern architecture, while staying true to her love for warmer, more traditional aesthetics. “I wanted to create a space that would marry the two designs and could stand up to the constantly changing trends,” Erin shared.

One of the first problems she bumped up against was the pantry door. The gallery-style kitchen required space-saving upgrades, and the tight room simply couldn’t accommodate a traditional door’s swing path. Drawn to Simpson Door Company’s arresting barn door solutions, Erin partnered with the industry leader to install a beautiful, yet fully functional 1506 Interior French Door for her pantry.

Capitalizing on Simpson’s completely customizable options, Erin requested that her sizable door – a lanky 2’8” by 7’8 – arrive primed and ready for paint. She also opted for mist-lite glass to increase privacy levels, while offering a sleek, clutter-free view of her pantry shelves. “I’m no Marie Kondo,” Erin confessed. “Sometimes you don’t want to see your boxes of stuff, and this glass helps hide the mess.”

Once the door arrived, the Kismet House team got to work painting it a warm, spicy hue by Behr. They achieved a contemporary look with a DIY wood dowel and brass handle, along with brass modern slider rails. “Adding in the brass modern slider rails was a bit pricey, but they elevated the design from country to cool, which was what I was going for,” Erin explained.

For homeowners seeking to upgrade their own kitchen spaces, Erin recommends, “always requesting samples of every material, swatch and stone. This will help you know if you truly love what you are choosing.”

When it comes to home décor, the influencer ultimately suggests going timeless. “I had an awesome experience with Simpson because their doors are made to last and are stunning,” Erin summed up. “I would absolutely recommend them to friends and clients!”

Follow Erin’s design adventures and drool-worthy renovation projects at Kismet House and on Instagram.


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