Interview with the Clever Goose.

We love seeing our doors in our customers’ homes, which is why we recently interviewed Instagram influencer Allison of The Clever Goose about her Simpson doors. Over the last several years, Allison’s Instagram account grew rapidly as she shared images of her home décor, style and home renovations. Read on to discover why she chose Simpson doors for her home, and for tips and tricks she uses in styling her home and doors.


Q: Tell us about your platform, The Clever Goose. How did you get started? What are your current projects?

A: “My dad and I had just started our Etsy shop, Clever Goose, and I thought, ‘I could post our items on Instagram.’ As time went on, I found that Instagram has an entire community of home design and décor that’s full of inspiration and amazing people. Slowly, I began sharing photos of my home along with the signs and trays from our shop. Two years ago, my husband and I designed, self-contracted and completed a lot of the work ourselves on our Southern Revival home. I shared the journey with my Instagram followers. My followers and accounts I followed, inspired me and cheered me along.

Since we recently finished construction on our guest cottage and detached garage, we don’t currently have any big projects going on. I’m just now catching my breath from two major construction projects in two years and finding the energy to go back and complete the little odd jobs we somehow missed when building the main home."

Q: How would you describe your home’s style, and how do your Simpson doors fit into that?

A: “My home is some mix of traditional old southern home, a little Greek revival and coastal. All are tied together by classic, clean, and simple finishes and décor. Our Simpson doors fit our home perfectly! They are traditional in materials of wood and glass, and have clean, simple lines that are full of character.”

Q: When building a new home to resemble an older home, what are some tips for achieving that look?

A: “Think classic. Choose products that are classic in material, color, shape and textures. Continuity is also very important. Be sure to keep the same style throughout the home. There’s nothing worse than a traditional classic white kitchen with a modern red or bright blue light fixture. This doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate design elements that are traditional with a modern twist. There’s always beautiful décor and products that are classic, but have a little modern updating."

Q: Why did you choose wood doors for your home?

A: “I know I keep using this word over and over, but wood doors are classic! I love the warmth and character they bring to a home and I love the look and feel of wood. The quality is wonderful. There’s just something about the real deal. When possible, I always steer clear of ’fake’ materials.”

Q: How did you stain and finish your doors?

A: “I love Sherwin Williams products. They have beautiful colors and finishing options; I’ve found them to all be wonderful quality. We stained all of the doors with Sherwin Williams Woodscapes exterior stain in Covered Bridge.

Q: What are your favorite ways to style your entryway?

A: “Oh how I love to style exterior entryways! On my porch by the doors, I always have large terra cotta (classic) pots full of ferns, and smaller terra cotta pots filled with other seasonal plants around them. At Christmas I use fresh green garlands around the doors. A little tip: get them at Home Depot or Lowes on Black Friday for about $5 each (such a great deal!).

I also love door mats and rugs in front of the doors. Layering is all the rage right now and I’m totally on board. I love how combining a 3’ x 5’ rug with a simple door mat can make the space inviting and accentuate the beauty and size of your exterior door.

Finally, I almost always have a wreath on my door. Again, simple, clean, and classic. I stick to either dried boxwood wreaths or a cream twig wreath.”