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MDF INTERIOR INFINITY DOORS 71 SIMPSONDOOR .COM | 800.SIMPSON | #SIMPSONDOOR MDF INTERIOR DOORS Here’s the inside story on these interior doors. They are made from a highly refined MDF, which is a stable and abundant wood fiber material. This blend of modern materials and technology delivers architecturally-true, primed and ready-to-paint doors to fit any interior style. And with four distinct construction methods, there is a stylish solution for any budget. MDF INTERIOR DOORS ARE AVAILABLE: • In any height and width • Factory primed • 1-3/8" or 1-3/4" thick • With fire-ratings up to 90-Minute • 10-year warranty 84102 Bravo door FOR MORE OPTIONS: To access a complete offering of available sticking and panel types, as well as other custom alterations, visit Simpson EZQ at