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BUNGALOW SERIES ® 27 BUNGALOW SERIES ® 7218 with 9541 dentil shelf (8’0”) If you are looking to add charm and character to your home, choose the classic look of this collection. A fine, handcrafted product never goes out of style. And it almost always retains its value. This certainly holds true for our collection of Bungalow Series ® doors. Offered with traditional beaded v-groove panels and divided lite construction, these doors are perfect for establishing that feeling of traditional comfort. All Bungalow Series doors come standard with UltraBlock ® Technology and a 5-year warranty. BUNGALOW SERIES DOORS ARE AVAILABLE: • In any height, width and wood species • 1-3/4" or 2-1/4" thick • For doors with glass, choose virtually any glass texture • UltraBlock technology included • All doors available with WaterBarrier ® technology upgrade. FOR MORE OPTIONS: To access a complete offering of available sticking and panel types, as well as other custom alterations, visit Simpson EZQ at