Simpson Sourcebook

ARTIST COLLECTION ® 19 ARTIST COLLECTION ® 4974 (LEFT), 4977 (RIGHT) Shown in Douglas fir with optional rooftop glass Art is the concrete representation of our imagination. It’s about bringing dreams to life. This is the inspiration behind our one-of-a-kind doors. The Simpson Artist Collection ® is an anthology of unique, limited edition door designs by select artists. Simpson partners with the artist to bring “commissioned art to the masses.” Our Artist Collection doors are for America’s most discriminating homeowners. ARTIST COLLECTION DOORS ARE AVAILABLE: • In any height, width and wood species • 1-3/4" or 2-1/4" thick • For doors with glass, choose virtually any glass texture FOR MORE OPTIONS: To access a complete offering of available sticking and panel types, as well as other custom alterations, visit Simpson EZQ at https://customertools.simpson ps