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Your Simpson door has been handcrafted to last for

years to come. And like any piece of fine furniture,

it needs proper finishing and periodic maintenance

to keep it performing at its best. For a long-lasting,

beautiful Simpson door, please follow the instructions

as outlined in the care & finishing section of the Simpson

website at

Failure to

follow Simpson's care & finishing recommendations will

void the door's warranty.


1. When hanging the door, allow adequate clearance

for swelling of door or frame in damp weather.

Allow approximately 3/16" clearance for swelling

when the door is installed in fully dry conditions.

Jambs must be plumb.

2. Do not cut doors down in height by more than 2"

(1-1/2" maximum from bottom or 1" on doors with



technology, 1/2" maximum from top).

Care should be taken in cutting doors down in width

to avoid exposing engineered components. Use a

sharp fine-tooth saw for trimming ends of doors.

3. Caution must be used to avoid impairing the

strength of the door when fitting for locks. Allow at

least 1" of wood back of mortise.

4. Use three hinges on doors up to 7' in height and

four hinges on doors over 7'. Hinges must be set in

a straight line to prevent distortion.

5. Jambs and stops must be set square and plumb.

6. For best performance and to meet the standard

Simpson warranty, any exterior door should be

installed under an overhang or with sufficient

protection. Adequate overhang depends on typical

weather conditions of the area where the door is

installed, but at the minimum means an overhang

projecting a distance from the structure equal to

one half the distance between the bottom of the

door and the bottom of the overhang (see figure 1).

7. If an adequate overhang is not feasible, Simpson

offers a selection of products warranted for this

application, including a five-year limited warranty

on doors featuring WaterBarrier


technology and a

ten-year limited warranty on Nantucket




8. Do not use dark colored stains or paints.

9. Immediately after cutting and fitting (before

hanging), seal all cut surfaces and ends of door

with an effective quality sealer. See exterior and

interior finishing recommendation for complete


10. Prior to exterior exposure, doors must be finished

with complete finish system.

11. To minimize heat loss and save energy, use

weather stripping.


Your Simpson door's finish will require some simple,

periodic maintenance to keep it looking great and

provide proper protection against the elements.

Regular finish maintenance is also a requirement of

the warranty that's included with every Simpson door.

Here are some signs to watch for. They indicate

that it's time for some simple, easy-to-perform


• Hairline cracks in the top coat of finish.

• Changes in the color of the finish.

• Changes in the texture of the finish, such

as flaking or scaling.

• Dullness or chalkiness in the finish.

If you live in a severe climate or your entry receives

a lot of direct sunlight from a southern or western

exposure, you'll want to examine your door's finish

often. Depending on the conditions, you may also

need to maintain the door finish more frequently.

It is important to note that wood has inherent dynamic

qualities. Over time, small surface “imperfections” may

appear, and the door may shrink or swell slightly as it

“breathes” with climate changes. These characteristics

are perfectly normal, reflecting the natural aging

process of a wood door, and they should not be

considered defects. To minimize these occurrences,

protect your door with the right finish and an

adequate overhang.

For more information on the care and

finishing of a Simpson door, please visit:



X = 1/2 Y

Figure 1