Getting Started

Choosing new doors for your home is an important and exciting decision. A door is the element in your home you interact with more than any other. Think about it, feeling the safety it provides as you go in and out of your home morning and night, gently closing it as you put your children to bed and quickly locking it as you finally get time for yourself in a bath. Your life goes through your doors and your life deserves more than just any door. It deserves Simpson doors.

We want to make your door purchase as simple as possible and suggest you keep a few things in mind as you’re looking. Let’s get started.

Are you remodeling or are
the doors for a new home?

If you are remodeling an existing home, you may need to consider replacing your door jambs, hardware and hinges at the same time. An entirely new system may be better for your home structurally and it would give you a completely new look. If they are new construction doors, our catalog is your canvas. Consider the style of your home and overall look you are trying to achieve as you search your door choices.

Do you want to paint the door
or do you prefer the look of wood?

Historically, homeowners have chosen to have their doors match the millwork in their home. For example, if the doors are made in cherry, the millwork is cherry. Today, that isn’t always the case. It’s quite common for a home to feature painted millwork with stained Simpson doors. The contrast between the paint and stain can be dramatic and a look that many homeowners enjoy.

Simpson offers a variety of door options. You can choose from any wood species or select a factory-primed door so it’s ready to paint.

Do you want glass or wood panels?

If you are looking for one door, know you have nearly unlimited choices when it comes to wood panels and glass. If you are looking for doors for your entire home, you will likely want to consider some doors with glass and some without based on the room or application. And with Simpson’s glass options, you can still achieve privacy, if that’s what you need. Simpson offers selected etched glass for different rooms in a home, such as a pantry or media room, along with a great door that features a chalkboard panel.

See it, Pick it — if you see doors you like, take your choices to a Simpson Authorized Dealer, and they're yours.

See it, Change it — if you see doors you like, but want to make alterations to the door, you can do that! Let us know what changes you'd like to see and we'll make it happen.

See it in Your Mind — Simpson specializes in making custom doors to your exact specifications. Let's answer some initial questions and get you the doors you can't live without.

Simpson has an extensive dealer network across the US that will work with you to get the right doors for your home. When you visit your Simpson Authorized Dealer, bring the sizes of the doors you need, including the height, width and thickness. Also have a picture in your mind of some characteristics you want in your doors — design style, type of door, wood species, glass preferences. Your dealer will have the product samples and information you need to complete your decision.

Want to see what a Simpson Door will look like on your own home? Take any of our doors on a virtual “test drive”.

Can't decide which textured glass you prefer? Take the glass taste test.

We’d love to see your new Simpson Door in use, so please email us a photo! If you don’t mind, we might even use it in our door gallery.