Simpson Door Catalog 2013 - page 180

Argon Gas Filled:
Insulated glazing filled with argon gas to
yield superior insulating, energy gain/loss factors.
Simpson's line of exterior doors that
combine the design talents of today's artists with Simpson's
manufacturing excellence. See page 56.
When two doors are installed in a double-hung
installation, the vertical profile that divides the two doors,
providing a weather seal and place for the strike for the operable
door. The astragal is usually attached to the fixed door, but is
sometimes removable.
A narrow, rabbeted, horizontal, vertical or diagonal wood
member extending the total length or width of a glazed opening,
used to separate individual pieces of glazing material.
See glazing bead.
Beveled EDge:
A shallow angle applied to the perimeter
of one side of a piece of glass, usually used on small pieces
of glass.
Brick Mould:
The exterior profile that is used to trim out
a door installation around the top and sides of the door(s)
and/or sidelight(s).
Builder’s Advantage
Simpson’s Builder’s Advantage
Series offers large decorative glass units with clean and simple
door design. The result is a welcome mix of both traditional and
ornamental design philosophies. See page 76.
Simpson's line of exterior doors that
combine the traditional look of beaded, v-groove panels with
glass, creating a traditional look that's popular in today's home
architecture. See page 70.
A shallow, wide groove cut in one side of a glass
panel, usually in a decorative design, usually polished. Compare
to v-groove.
Glossary of Terms
The dividing metal used between small pieces of glass to
make a larger glazing panel, sometimes referred to as “leading,”
which is often offered in brass, black and silver colors.
A decorative design carved or routed into one or
more surfaces or faces of a door.
Interior or exterior trim designed to conceal the joint or
gap between two components.
Ceramic Frit:
A material made of ground glass that is applied
to a glass panel in a slurry, and then fired in a furnace to impart a
decorative motif.
Commodity Door:
A door layout that is commonly used
throughout the industry.
Coped Construction:
The ends of rails, mullions, muntins
or bars so machined that they will fit and cover the contour of the
sticking or other components.
The innermost layer in veneered construction, normally
consisting of several individual wood pieces edge-glued and
end-glued or fingerjointed together.
Simpson's line of exterior doors
that combine tall, flat panels with decorative glass designs, a
look suitable for any home. See page 60.
Dentil Shelf:
A horizontal profile that incorporates square
“teeth.” A design usually applied to the upper intermediate rail of
a door. Also referred to as dentil mould.
A moisture absorbing additive to the air space in
an insulated glass unit to prevent moisture from fogging on the
interior surface of the glazing.
Door, Bifold:
Doors so hinged that as to fold flat against the
vertical door jamb. Bifold doors are normally classified as either
two or four leaf units. | 1.800.simpson
glossary of terms
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